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Areas of Interest First Amendment Nonprofit
Bankruptcy Immigration Real Estate
Collections Insurance Tax
Contracts Labor/Employment Tax-exempt status
Copyright Lanlord/Tenant Trusts/Estates
Corporate Libel/Privacy Worker's Comp
Entertainment Litigation/ADR Other

If you are very knowledgeable in a certain area, and would like to be a KCVLAA advisor, please let us know. Advisors often serve as a resource for less experienced volunteers handling KCVLAA matters. I would like to be an advisor in the following area(s):

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Fee-Generating Clients
KCVLAA maintains a roster of attorneys who will take referrals from clients who can pay. There is no fee to volunteer! But if you would like your name added to the fee referral list, check the applicable boxes below and either enclose a check for the annual $25.00 referral list fee, or submit a KCVLAA Membership Form with the appropriate membership fee.